Almost two years ago I was in a car wreck and had 18 broken bones. Three fractured Vert. 5 inch spike through Sacrum into Pelvis. 2 crushed ankles, 2 steal bars in legs with 26 small screws holding together. I also Wore an external fixater, 2 rods drilled into my Pelvis for 2 to 3 months then they unscrewed, because all my Pubic bones were crushed Pelvis healed deformed and can see all this in X-Rays. Severe Nerve Damage went away mostly in right hand and right foot still there at times but much better than before. Severe Pain in Left Leg from mid-thigh to tips of toes. This is very painful, it feals like your foot has fallen asleep and then somebody starts jumping on your sleepy foot. It burns,itchy feeling,needles,fiery,burning sensation.
I am having trouble finding that so-called wonder pill.
My Pain Management DR. decided to stop doing Pain Man. I moved to a Dr. in Baton Rouge,La. and I don 't think I was taken off my Methadone correctly.
My previous Dr. was giving me Methadone 60 Mg. 2x aday and Roxycodone 30mg. 3x a day. When I called the Dr. Office I talked to the receptionist. I asked if they wrote Methadone and If I can just tranfer what I was getting. She said yes but when I showed up I saw the Nurse Pract.not the DR. She Informed me that they don't even write Meth. I had just paid 350 bucks and drove an hour one way. She said she could write me 2 weeks worth and I would have to come back and talk to the Dr. I am on Disability with 2 children and only get 694 a month. So there is no way I can pay another Visit. She switched me to opana 30 er 2x a day and opana 10 ir 4x a day. I felt horrible for weeks; withdrawals off Meth. It's been over a month and I am still in pain. Opana has started to work better than before but doesn't match the steady pain releif the other meds gave me. Will the Opana ever work better for me in time? I took three oc 80's a day and 4 roxy 30's a day and that was the best relief, I had more ambition and the oc's made me try and get up and do stuff. When they changed the formula it no longer worked for me, so my Dr. switched my dose to Morphine 100's 3x a day with 30 mg. ir 5x a day. These Meds worked better than the new oc 80's but left me with no ambition the Morphine made me sleepy and I want to walk again. He then put me on the Methadone and it worked great for my back and legs and my Nerve damage. I was still in a lot of pain on the Meth. and am still in pain with the Opana. It does not last the 12 hours for me. If my dose was increased I think that would help.
Can anyone tell me more?