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What is the best over the counter drug to help me sleep? I take ambien cr but ran out?

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barbles2413 22 Dec 2009

I use benedryl or Tylenol PM but if I don't need the tylenol I just use generic benedryl. Work great Hope this helps. Nothing worse than no sleeping. I have slept an entire nite is 6 years. I did weird things on ambien so I stopped taking that. Good Night Pleasant Dreams I hope and have a great holiday. Barb

Delila 23 Dec 2009

I have really bad trouble sleeping, unfortunately (for you) most of the meds i use are prescription, but before i had these i tried a combination of valerian, kalms(night) and nytol(one a night). Made sure not to drink alcohol before bed or eat too close to bedtime, and milk before bed really does work!

janny108 14 Mar 2010

how about drinking cocoa before bedtime it has milk. Only thing is drinking liquids I will need to go to the bathroom... free discount card

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