grandiosity, and depression as mood swings that cycle every half hour? This person is male, physically strong and lives mostly between thoughts of suicide and grandiosity. He is worried about the side effects of taking medication or trying out various medications. He has been told that trying out different medications can cause permanent seizures for the rest of his life. He has also been told that certain medications can cause instant death without warning. Is this all true? If so, what is the best plan for him to take as an early thirty+ year old? He had a friend who committed suicide because of the seizures created by the use of bipolar drugs. Apparently, this patient did not have any seizures prior to trying out various bipolar medications. She was a female in her late twenties. Is there a safe medication for a person who is bipolar with suicide, depression, grandiosity and anger as mood swings which cycle in and out within a half hour on a daily basis? What is the likelihood that this condition will to get worse, thereby effecting his ability to function in society? Is there a medication that can be taken on an "as needed" basis if a mood swing is getting out of control?