I recently recieved results from a work-related drug test that showed I was positive for OPIATES, BENZOs, AMPHETAMINE, & METHAMPHETAMINE. I disclosed that I take Fluoxetine (for anxiety), Levothyroxine (thyroid med), Docusate (stl softner), Albuterol (asthma), Ibuprofen 800, and Percaset (for pain). I take them every day, as prescribed. I know that Percaset will show as the OPIATE, and maybe the Albuteral would show as the AMPHETAMINE; but what in the world would POSSIBLY make me positive for BENZOs (whatever those are?) and especially the methamphetamine?
On another note, I had to call the lab for my results; who informed me of the positives OVER THE PHONE!!! WITHOUT VERIFYING I WAS WHO I SAID I WAS!! Isn't that a violation of the HIPA agreement or something? Also, when I expressed my dismay at the results, the Lab Manager informed me that since the test was for employment, the PROPER test wasn't done. They had only done a "strip" test, where by law, a FORENSIC TOX SCREEN must be done. Therefore it had not been done properly, there was no chain of command for my sample and it COULD have been tainted.