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What is the best drugs for dizziness and anziety?

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oxyaaron 4 Dec 2010

well i dont know about the dizziness but i know what works for my anxiety, and that is benzodiazepenes(sp?) you realy need to talk to your doctor on this one but if you go the benzo route watch out as they can be addictive.

christineATU 4 Dec 2010

You could also ask your doctor about compazine. I heard that may help too. You could also try a mild benzo as oxyaaron suggested. Lots of people have dizziness due to anxiety attacks and found they work well for this condition. Be safe.

Best wishes,

oxyaaron 4 Dec 2010

is compazine like promethazine?

christineATU 4 Dec 2010

Compazine is used for certain psychological conditions as well as anxiety and dizziness. It also works great for nausea and vomiting. Whereas the other med is more of an antihistamine that also works well for dizziness and anxiety. I thought maybe the compazine might be better since it was posted in the "depression" group.

htwooh 5 Dec 2010

You shouldn't just take a drug if you are sudddenly dizzy. This is a symptom of something so you need to go see your Dr. If this is minor you should still see your Dr. Sometimes it ends up being an inner ear problem and those can be horrifyingly dizzy spells and you need special meds but please see your Dr. Did you have a fall recently? free discount card

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