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What is the best drug for treating an old scar?

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Rajive Goel 20 Sep 2011

Could suggest home remedies to treat old scars, maybe could be helpful.

Mixing sandalwood paste with black gram paste and applying to the old scar overnight is an effective natural cure.
Rubbing the area with cucumber and lemon juice is an excellent home remedy, as the lemon juice acts as a natural bleach and contains acid that promotes new cell development.
nother natural cure is to apply cod liver oil to the scar daily.
Cocoa butter.
Pure Vitamin E: used regularly will show improvement.
Aloe Vera: especially good for stretch marks, a healing plant with anti-inflammatory properties.
Onion extract is one of the more popular treatments for an old scar due to its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.
Tea tree oil for old acne scars.
Soak a cotton ball in green tea and apply to scars.
Coconut oil with lighten the appearance of old scars.
Honey apply several times a day.
Old scars can also be removed with laser surgery, resurfacing, steroid injections, Z-plasty, and skin grafting.
A simple remedy for old scars is water. By drinking 80 oz of filtered water a day you build new skin cells, revealing healthier skin.
Mash a banana and apply to acne scars.
Lavender oil applied directly to the scar.

Hope the treatments help you? Best wishes, take care, please.

Inactive 20 Sep 2011

Good answer Rajive. Have a nice evening(?) .

Rajive Goel 20 Sep 2011

Thanks Mary...

Lomeo 20 Sep 2011

Thanks so much Dr. Rajive G,for the quick response received from you. It really makes me feel a bit relieved. i will try some of the options there that could be on my reach. i will follow your instructions, hoping full that it will surely melt-down and disappear.
your's sincerely,

Rajive Goel 21 Sep 2011


Most welcome, you shall be in my prayers, may you get well soon & get rid of your scars.

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