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What is the average length of time a person needs to be on suboxone?

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mpvt 27 Mar 2010

That's a great question and very difficult to answer. First off are you on suboxone to detox or for maintenance? If you're using it for detox then 6 weeks on a steady ween.
For maintenance it's different for everyone. It depends on so many things such as, how long were you abusing, how much and how often. Were you abusing by mouth, I.V. or insufflation.
The rule of thumb is to be on maintenance for as long as you abused or for life if you think that's what you need.
It takes a few years minimum for your brain and body to revert back to their normal chemical state. You also have to break the addictive behavior.
There are factor such as, how are you doing on this drug? Are you working or going to school? Are you active? Are you eating properly? How are your social skills, are you getting along well with your partner and kids (if you have them).
There are so many factors. Suboxone plays a small part in your recovery but it is a very important one. Use it wisely and you will definitely become a better person... Good luck and hang in there... Dave free discount card

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