Let me just begin this by saying I am not stupid or being rude. I am asking out of curiosity. I have my own history with drug abuse, years ago, and am currently a social worker and some of my clients have drug/alcohol issues. I also have a long history with depression/anxiety and have rode the med roller coaster for many years. I currently do not take any psych meds except for the .5 Xanax prescribed for me PRN. I almost never use it but have it on hand just in case. In other words, I am pretty "well". Whatever that means. Lol
My question is this: What is the appeal or how does one become that addicted to Xanax or Valium? Is it similar to narcotic pain relievers in the way that it effects everyone differently and some of us get high and lots of energy on say, hydrocodone, and others just go to sleep? B/c the very few times I took valium I just got sleepy and felt sick and when I take a xanax in the middle of an anxiety attack it calms the panic but if I take it say, proactivly, like when going into a stressful situation, it just makes me slightly sleepy. That is it. Are some people getting high? Or are they just enjoying sleeping for 24 hours?
I ask out of curiosity, both professional and personal. I really love and crave knowledge and find that most of the time, the best way to learn is from those around you. I welcome all responses.