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What is stronger, 2mg. of clonzepam, or tempezam?

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fenix7 10 Mar 2010

What exactly are you trying to accomplish? They are used for two seperate indications.

Ursy 10 Mar 2010

One is to help calm your nerves, & the other is to help you sleep, but they are both in the benzo family so I'm kinda confused

fenix7 10 Mar 2010

Exactly ...

They are indeed both fruit (benzo's) but are still apples and oranges. Granted, if your mind is racing at night and it prevents you from sleeping, the Clonazepam should help. The Temazepam won't really do much for anxiety, but will help you sleep.

My experience with Temazepam is you'd better devote eight full hours to sleep, with an hour "recovery" in the morning. I always had a hangover affect upon waking up. It took a while to kick in, but worked decently once it did.

Hope this helps!

Ursy 10 Mar 2010

Most helpful-Thank-you. I did take the sleeping med & it has yet to kick in. I trust that it will work; I just have a high tolerance for pills. I don't have to wake up, or be anywhere in the a.m. either- so YAY!!! Thanks! free discount card

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