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What is roxicodine?

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A K 22 Jun 2010

It's a very strong Opiate painkiller and can lead to dependence but used properly can be of great help, if you have been prescribed this by your doctor then you should really know what it's for. Always read the label. I hope this helps.

crazygurl 23 Jun 2010

Roxicodone is pure oxycodone. Oxycodone is one ingredient in percocet, the only difference is percocet also has acetaminophen along with the oxycodone. Percocet has 10mg of oxy in it where as (as far as I know) Roxicodone come in 15 and 30mg tablets, so your basicially taking either one and a half OR three percocets with each roxicodone tablet you take.

Also, this med is very addictive and it is VERY strong if you do not usually take opiates so please follow your doctors advice.

theoneitis 21 Sep 2017

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