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What is oxycodone and what is it used for?

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mpvt 18 Aug 2009

oxycodone (roxicodone) is a fast acting opiate pain killer about half way up the scale in strength. It seems to effect the MU receptors causing a more euphoric high especially in endorphin defecient patients. It gives a sense of extra energy which isn't really good if you really are taking it for acute pain. It should only be used for acute pain (2 weeks) as it can be very addictive. Hope that helps even though it is a very brief example... Dave

bash 22 Aug 2009

thanx for the reply... it was very help you know iff flunitrazepam(rohypnol)... is prescribed in the uk... cause... thats where im fom.thanx

bash 22 Aug 2009

and is it used for...

mpvt 22 Aug 2009

Flunitrazepam (pronounced /ˌfluːnɨˈtræzɨpæm/) is marketed as a hypnotic drug and has sedative, anticonvulsant, anxiolytic, amnestic, hypnotic and skeletal muscle relaxant properties.[1] A short-intermediate acting benzodiazepine derivative, flunitrazepam is prescribed for the treatment of severe insomnia, marketed by Roche most commonly under the trade name Rohypnol (informally Rufinol[2]) -also marketed in some countries under the trade names Hipnosedon, Hypnodorm, Flunipam, Nilium, Vulbegal, Silece, Darkene, Ilman and Insom. free discount card

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