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What is one of the best medications for anxiety?

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oxyaaron 29 Jan 2011

Well alot of doctors use anti depressent drugs but i think benzodiazipines(Valium, ativan xanax) are the best for any kind of anxiety but they can be habit forming so doctors dont like giving them to just anybody.

dragonsrose 30 Jan 2011

As a current user of Xanax, I can say, it can either be the answer to your prayers, or a stint in Hades.

It's a very difficult drug to kick, once on it.

At one point I was on a 4mg dose, 4 times a day (prescribed) and then was switched over to the extended release. That XR stuff is NASTY STUFF. My PCP finally said they would no longer write for any type of it. God bless the DEA
>insert sarcasm here<
and they sent me to a psychiatrist for "anxiety issues". I was put on a titration program, and while I'm still on it, I'm only taking .5mg 3x a day. Some days, that's just not enough to smooth out the rough spots...

caringsonbj 30 Jan 2011

dragonrose is right, I take Xanax but I think about every dose I am about to take, I have seen a friend start out with using as directed and all at once she had to take more and more to relieve her symptoms, I am not downing the drug I am just here to say if you use it then it pays to be very careful, you can become so tolerant so fast that it was an eye opener to me

jk13 29 Jan 2011

I'd have to agree, most doc's will start with ssri's, but really, the benzos are generally the best for anxiety...

caringsonbj 30 Jan 2011

I think for anxiety and possibly panic and help with Chronic pain it runs in the benzodiazepine group of medications I use the extended release Xanax, some of the other are Ativan, and Valium I think xanax is best according to the doctor in extended release due to the fact it releases a certain dose on a ongoing amount rather than just short acting. but what works for one person does not always for another best wishes

Cathleen186 30 Jan 2011

Hi nicolev. I am going to go out on a limb and say Neurontin. My psychiatrist prescribed it for anxiety for me 2 years ago. When I first started it , it was very calming. I liked the effects I got from it. Now I think I'm used to it, cause it doesn't work as good. But something to consider.

nicole v 30 Jan 2011

Thank you Cathleen. I never heard of Neurontin. I'll have to look into it. Having terrible anxiety problems is awful. Thanks again.

Cathleen186 30 Jan 2011

Yes, if you ever want to just talk about anxiety i'm here for you. i've been suffering all my life and know what it's like. click on me anytime for a private conversation.

kytteneyes 1 Feb 2011

I was a firm believer that only xanax could manage my attacks. I never got addicted to them cause I only used them as needed after a couple of months of using them three times a day. Then I had to switch to buspar and I was not happy at first but finally got the right dose and it works great. Its not addicting like benzos or even make u mellow to where u don't feel out of it or sleepy. So I would suggest to try it. I have actually stopped taking them as prescribed from three times a day to once a day. Less medicine for me is better. Hope this helps. Take care. free discount card

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