I need to kno the name brand of oxycodone 30 mg because as far as i kno any drug with the name oxycodone is a generic version, like when you get a script for Percocet 5/325, which i have heard are blue? 99% of the time you get the generic version oxycodone/apap 5/325, Both meds containe the same drugs 5 mgs of oxycodone and 325 mg of tylonol. I kno endo and Roxi Pharms make endocet, and Roxicet both with the same drugs as percocet (a name brand?) and oxycodone/apap ( a generic version) are Endo and Roxi name brand or generic? Any 30 mg oxycodone i have ever gotten from the pharmacy wether they are (M 30) or (A 215) or (V 48 12) are all called oxycodone 30 mg hence they are all generic drugs. So whats the name brand of any oxycodone hydrochloride (5mg, 10mg, 15mg, or 30mg) without any tylonol?