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What is manic mean and what does bi-polar disorder. Can a person bring them on themselves?

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Inactive 9 Aug 2011

Please click on the link for full information; I am bipolar which is also know as manic depression, and I believe that by reading the information on the link , you will have a clearer view and a better understanding of what this mental condition is:

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Inactive 29 May 2012

Hello Barb5. To add to Masos answer. In answer to "manic" When a person/patient is in a manic phase, the patient/person is unable to sleep, likely extremely active, and showing a often very quick temper. Bi-polar people can level out. In between lows and highs. That is when the person can function at a normal level. Hold down a job, go to school etc. Hence the term bi-polar. Formerly known as "manic depression" . Same illness, just an update on the term. Regards, pledge free discount card

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