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What is liquid hydrocodone cough syrup?

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pillzilla 4 May 2012

There are many cough/cold preparations containing hydrocodone as a cough suppressant. Hydrocodone is only available in combination with other drug ingredients.

Examples include:

Hydrocodone and Pseudoephedrine (nasal decongestant)
Z-Tuss 2

Chlorpheniramine (antihistamine), Hydrocodone and Pseudoephedrine
Cordron-HC, Cordron-HC NR, Detuss, Hydrocof-HC, Hydron PCS, Hyphed, JayCof-HC, Notuss-Forte, P-V-Tussin Syrup, Q-V Tussin, Welltuss HC, Zutripro, Notuss, Hexatussin, Tussin-V, Tussend, Histinex PV, A-G Tussin, KG-Tussin, Hydrotuss HC, Pediatex HC, Atuss HD, Atuss HS

Guaifenesin (expectorant) and Hydrocodone
A-Cof DH, Canges-XP, Codiclear DH, Condasin, Cotuss V, Execlear, Extendryl HC, Hycotuss Expectorant, Hydrocod-GF, Kwelcof, Monte-G HC, Narcof, Pancof XP, Pneumotussin 2.5, Relasin-HCX, Touro HC, Tussicle, Tusso-DF, Vi-Q-Tuss, Vitussin Expectorant, Xpect-HC, Z-Cof HCX, Vicodin Tuss, Pneumotussin HC, Propatuss Expectorant, Co-Tussin, Codotuss, Fentuss Expectorant, Co-Tuss V Expectorant, Vicoclear, Hycosin Expectorant, Vicotuss, G-Tuss, Hycoclar Tuss, Hydrotuss, Entuss, Gua HC, Hycoclear, Medcodin, Vortex, Pneumotussin, Atuss HX, Tusso-HC, Hydro-Tussin HG, Execof, Endacof XP

Chlorpheniramine, Hydrocodone and Phenylephrine (nasal decongestant)
B-Tuss, Coughtuss, Cytuss HC, De-Chlor HC, DroTuss-CP, Ed-TLC, Ed-Tuss HC, Endal-HD Plus, H-C Tussive, Histussin-HC, Hydro-PC II, Hydro-PC II Plus, Hydron CP, Liquicough HC, Maxi-Tuss HCX, Mintuss MS, Neo HC, Poly-Tussin, Poly-Tussin HD, Relacon-HC, Relacon-HC NR, Relasin-HC, Rindal HD Plus, Rindal-HD, Triant-HC, Tusana-D, Z-Cof HC, Endagen-HD, Chemdal HD, Iodal HD, Efasin-HD, Guiaphen HD, Vanex-HD, Chemdal HD Plus, Nasatuss, Iotussin HC, Chlorgest HD, Cyndal HD, Hyphen-HD, Tuss-PD, KG-Dal HD, Endotuss-HD, Ditussin-HC, Chemtussin HC, Exo-Tuss, Enplus-HD, Comtussin HC, Tuss-HC, Ventuss Syrup, Maxi-Tuss SA, Maxi-Tuss HC, Histinex HC, KG-Dal HD Plus, Highland HC, Uni Tuss HC, Tuss-DS, Efasin-HD Plus, Quindal HD Plus, Quindal HD, Hi-Tuss HC, Chlorphen HD, Duradal HD, Liquitussin HC Syrup, HYDROcodone CP, HYDROcodone HD, Tussive HC, De-Chlor HD, Atuss MS, Uni-Tricof HC, Echotuss-HC, Phendal-HD

Chlorpheniramine and Hydrocodone
HyTan, Novasus, S-T Forte 2, TussiCaps, Tussionex PennKinetic free discount card

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