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What is levaquin taken for?

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Inactive 27 Aug 2011

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caringsonbj 27 Aug 2011

fluoroquinolone work best against many organisms that traditional antibiotics have trouble killing. they do not work against the common cold, flu, or other viral infections. these were first used as treatment for urinary infections and then other uses developed over the years. The new uses depend on how well the specific drug penetrates different body tissues as well as on how they have been tested in the laboratory. I am sure that Maso has given you a link to give you more information and I hope this also has provided some answers to questions. caringsonbj

briantravis1004 28 Aug 2011

I was given Levaquin for an upper resp infection that did not go away in April 2009. To this day, I suffer side effects that include trouble swallowing, leg and ankle pain, trembl or shakes in arms and hands, muscle weakness. just to name a few, Plus I fell that it made me have polymyositis (mda muscle weakness) rotator cuff tears in both shoulders. When I told the dr that I was allergic to Levaquin, my wife and I was given a lectur of over 15 minutes, why I should not say I was allergic to Levaquin. He told me that if allergic, I would have to be in the hospital with i v s instead of taking the pill. With the side effects of the levaquin pill I THINK I WOULD TAKE THE HOSPITAL STAY. If you are given a prescription for LEVAQUIN, look it up online BEFORE even filling the prescription. Some people are not allergic to it, but there is alot that is. It effects people indifferent ways and times. Some the same day as you first take it or after you finish taking it. I SUGGEST DO NOT TAKE IT, ASK YOUR DR FOR SOMETHING ELSE. BRIAN, INDIANA free discount card

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