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What is intraoperative miosis?

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Inactive 28 Nov 2011

Hello ravish. I believe that it involves, a condition or a surgery of the eyeball. This is just a guess on my part. Best to you,

pup6767 28 Nov 2011

Intraoperative miosis is a constricted il induced by the surgeon. This is common in cataract surgery after the intraocular lens is inserted in the posterior chamber of the eye (which is behind the il) to keep the lens in place so to speak.
This miosis (making il smaller) is accomplished by an cholinergic medication drop.
Hope this helps. Be well. Pup

Inactive 28 Nov 2011

Hey pup and thanks, I really didn't know the specifics. I just learned something, and thats why I enjoy this site. You always give solid responses. Have a good one,

litlmommag 28 Nov 2011

Excuse my english yu both fn rock I love reading your answers knowledge is a wonderful thing thank you both

pup6767 28 Nov 2011

Thanks Pledge and Jaime... we all add what we can!! Great to hear from u both... free discount card

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