i took him to the emergency room, then took him to his family doctor, they did blood work at the emergecy room,they found nothing,hes awake at night scratching.he thinks its caused from a grissle in his back. i dont no we have not had the money to go to a carepractor. he has no insurance, he needs help,the doctor gave him, vistral 25 mg. i got him benadryl,creams ,and he is still in missery. dose any one no of any souloution?the doctor also gave him triamcinolone acetonide cream usp,0.5%. i dont no what else to do but pray, please if any one nos what wold help please let me no. he itches in the bend of his foot, says it itches and hurts..Is there any kind of medical soulotion? his other leg is hurting and itching now.We have no idea what the problem could be and the doctors must not no or something. hope some one can help. thank you chicco