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What is going on when part my hand goes num and wont go away for a wile and what shounl I do or use?

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LaurieShay 19 Jul 2011

Hey buddy,

Numbness is usually due to the lack of blood flow to that area or nerve damage in that area. While it is generally not serious, it can be indicative of a more serious problem. If this has occurred several times and lasts for a while, you need to have this checked by a doctor.

Best wishes,


Inactive 19 Jul 2011

May I ask you a question? What are you usually doing when your arm goes numb? It may sound sort of silly, but when I sit on the couch or a comfy chair because of my scoliolsis, I tend to lean to the left a lot. That always put pressure on the left arm somewhere ,& I too get a lot of numbness in my hand ,& outer 2 fingers. Another thought is that you could have carrpel (sp)tunnel syndrome which caues pain & sometimes just numbness. A nerve conduction study by a neurologist would confirm or deny this condition. Just some thoughts... free discount card

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