I have severe knee pain, lower back pain, ankle pain, and also I have been dealing with wrist and finger joint pain. I then consulted a physician, which for over two years I have had no insurance (now I do though) so I did not have a g/p. I said screw it and went to an orthopedic dr. due to my right knee was the worst pain in my whole body. Over the course of the last 3 months, I have seen 5 specialist, the 26th will be my 6th, the 29th my 7th. With this being said, my dr's have told me that I have hyperuracemia at an 8 on the scale (not sure if its gout due to my age, im only 21), i tested positive for the hla-b27 antigen (anklyosing spondalitis is a possibility) My rheumatologist told me I have poly arthritis, syritic arthritis, potentially r.a with no rheumatoid factor though. This is all from one hospital. With being told I have potentially 7 diagnosis' I've decided to consult new drs. I made an apt. with the advance pain management and at uw-hospital. Is this considered dr. shopping? I am just trying to find a dr. who will treat me not as a drug seeker due to my excessive pain, if i was 30, would this happen? But since I am only 21 my first 3 dr. visits I was treated like a seeker, they started me on tramadol which did not work, shot me up with cortizol steroids which worked but only for a few days. I was then removed from the tramadol and put on tylenol #3 this did not work. So my dr. has put me on the 5/500 vicodin. I received 90 needed a refill 23 days later, I am now on my second refill of 90 which i finished today. My dr, gave me another refill but upped my qty. to 180 so my insurance won't fill it due to my last refill was 19 days ago?
Two days ago I received a call from my rheumatologist's nurse, she tells me they believe I have chron's or ibs on top of everything as well. What is going wrong with me? I am obese, morbid (my dr. says, im 280 5'11) can just obesity be causing all my problems?