About 3 months ago I had a stroke that affected my speech center and was prescribed 1 Aspirin a day.The clot was thrown up by my heart.Now I have developed gout ,I take plavix as a blood thinner after heart surgery As my GP put me on frusemide as well because my feet and lower legs were swelling Is there a connection between the Aspirin, plavix and frusemide as i have read that diruetics can do that. (cause Gout}My heart surgery was in 2002 Gout woke me at 3am today in incredible pain in both feet near toes.I seem to have recovered from the stoke as I worked hard to keep my brain agile.My GP has ordered blood tests which I have had done.left foot is more painful than the right foot.The stroke cause no other problems with weakness in arms or legs.I am extremely lucky. I also am a type 2 insulin diabetic.I am able to walk even though I am quite wobbly on my two feet.Thats about it thank you cheers from Australia.