I was in a horrible car accident and I didn't want to go on heavy narcotics such as, Oxycontin and Oxycodone. However I had to manage my chronic back pain after it had been broken. The Doctor's said it would better for my system long-term, but they didn't take into consider that I have had anorexia for 14 years at that time.Now 4 years later, I have had 4 heart attacks since then. I just got out of St.Paul's Hospital in Vancouver, BC, Canada for another heart attack. I am on a slue of medications. They discovered I have a extremly PRO-LONGED QUE-T with my heart. The Doctor said it was because of the Methadone. So they did a rapid Detox in 2 weeks from 110mls/day down to nothing. I wanted to die!! They told me this new drug called, "Suboxone", would be better. They started me on 4mg at 9am, then 2 hours later,(11am), another 2mg, then at about 11:10am, 10 minutes after the second dose, my eyes turned black and I couldn't stop the pain and cramping in my legs and the burning inside but cold on the outside..I was flopping around like a fish, screaming and yelling from the pain!to make it stop. I started pounding on my legs! Hitting them as hard as I could. I would do anything, that lasted 7 hours, then it stopped. I thought I was in the clear. then 4 hours later, the leg cramps and restless leg syndome came back..i couldn't stop moving, hitting my legs, I wanted to throw myself out the window.. Then it slowly turned from cramping into just pain. I could finally keep my legs still..NOW AFTER ALL THAT I AM READING THAT THIS NEW DRUG, "SUBOXONE", DOES THE SAME??? Thanks Amber