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What is best treatment for muscle spasm in leg (top) caused by herniated disc?

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suzanne66 29 Nov 2009

If you have any concerning symptoms, call your doctor right away.

Your leg pain may not go away completely, or it may get more painful at times.

Your doctor and other health professionals can help you manage your pain and keep you as active as possible.
Treatment options may include physical therapy, massage, leg brace, cold & heat packs, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs etc.

gdesigns 30 Nov 2009

Thanks Suzanne, I have trirded all of your suggestions and more. I thought a muscle relaxant might be the answer for a muscle knot in my upper leg.

suzanne66 30 Nov 2009

A muscle relaxant is definitely worth trying.

gdesigns 30 Nov 2009

Thank you again Suzanne, I have an appointment with my pain specialist today. He has been treating me with Neurontin and injection for siatica nerve pain caused by the herniated disc. This with the help of my chiropacter seems to be resolved. I am left with muscle spasms, especially a unresolved muscle knot in the left upper front leg (thigh).
Advil helps relieve pain but does not relax the muscle, it is just a painful knot.I hope he prescribes muscle relaxants. If interested I will let you know how I make out . This has been a six month ordeal. free discount card

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