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What is best Thyroid (Hypothyroidism) medication for weight loss?

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barbles2413 18 Feb 2010

Have you discussed your weight gain concern with your endocrinologist or whoever is prescribing your mrdication. This is a issue that your doctor needs to give you advice on. I do not know for sure but I believe when you are on the roght dose of medication your weight should not be effected by the medication. I hope this helps a little and I wish you the best of luck I know how frustrating it is to get one thing fixed and have another problem come up. Good Luck I hope you get this problem resolved soon Barb

barbles2413 18 Feb 2010

I am sorry I am tired and getting punchy I meant to say your weight concern.
I guess I am confused as to wether you are or are not taking a thyroid medication. Please let me know in the comment section if infact you are taking a medication Thanks Barb

Inactive 18 Feb 2010

I am taking the same medication for hypothyroidism. I also take 2 Welbutrin one in am & one in pm. (for weight loss). This supresses my appetite and I can maintain my proper weight. This medication is perscribed by my physician.

barbles2413 18 Feb 2010

You should not gain weight is your does of thyroid medication is within range if you are concerned maybe you can have a blood test to check it. i am on synthroid and wellbutrin as well but not for weight but I have lost weight on wellbutrin Hope this helps Good luck free discount card

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