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What is a tiny white pill with GG on one side and the number 15 on the other?

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Inactive 26 Jul 2010

Call your pharmacist and ask him-her, I am sure they will be able to help you.

There is also a Pill indentifier on this site... but sometimes it is hard to identify pills online---

Best of luck

Inactive 27 Jul 2010

This is xanax 15mg's xanax is usually used to help anxiety. Anytime you see a gg on the pill it usually is a xanax.

Inactive 27 Jul 2010

Im sorry, i havnt researched yet to find out swhat the pill is, but i can GUARANTEE you that its not a 15mg xanax. Xanax comes in .25, .5, 1, and 2mgs. There are also Extended Release xanax tabs, but i dont know exactly what sizes they come in off the top of my head but i THINK its 1,3, 4, and 5mg. You just take one pill in the morning and it takes care of anxiety all day long (at least thats what it supposed to do, It doesnt work very well for some people)

christineATU 27 Jul 2010

I couldn't find any info. But I don't think xanax comes in 15mg. I looked at all the xanax images and nothing with gg or 15mg came up. Please check with your pharmacist.

christineATU 27 Jul 2010

The only thing that came close was GG 159 (white) and it's an antihistamine.

Inactive 27 Jul 2010
Plain Jane 27 Jul 2010

I agree with the last poster that GG 91 sounds the closest fit.

Tablets marked GG are made by Sandoz pharmaceuticals, so you could always contact them if still in doubt. I have also been unable to find GG 15 in my databases. free discount card

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