I have been taking Celebrex for about ten years and found it a wonderful help in dealing with my osteoarthritis. However, a couple of years ago I started breaking out with an itchy blistery rash on my left arm and back. I went for allergy patch testing and found that I had only a slight contact allergy for carbona which is found in some fragrances. I stopped using all fragrances but the rash continued. Since Celebrex had a possible rash side effect, I took a couple of 2 week trial periods without the Celebrex and the rash went away. I recently had to have surgery and have been off of the Celebrex for 8 weeks and without any sign of rash. The arthritis doctor has now started me on Meloxicam. I have used it for 10 days and started getting the rash again on the 7th day. How can I get relief for my arthritis stiffness and pain without having this miserable itchy rash all of the time?