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What is a safe amount of Topamax to take for migrain headaches?

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trapre 30 May 2010

It was my impression that topamax is a preventative drug and taken e ery day to prevent migraines. Not taken just when you get a migraine

Inactive 30 May 2010

Your Doctor should be providing you the Meds. You can kill your self by taking drugs with out knowing if it's safe for you in the first place, not to mention how much you should take. Weight, age and Health problems are a starter for not taking them on your own.
Please do not think that I'm playing Mr. know it all. The advice is out caring
for you.

Inactive 12 Jun 2010

YOU NEED to be checked by a MD to be safe..

tglidewell 1 Jun 2010

I agree with Bucky. Topamax is a serious drug. I was on only 25mg and it made me crazy. I forgot common everyday words and would forget things all the time. It affected my job and even my ability to communicate sometimes. I went off of it after about 3 months and my world is much better now. It really didn't help with the headaches anyway. You should definitely look it up online and read over the side effects. I do that with every drug my doctor gives me, even antibiotics. I even look up over the counter drugs. Lots of times you can find out more from forums like this about side effects, etc than you can by reading the sites that just list side effects. I blabbed on, sorry about that. I just get concerned when anyone takes meds (esp ones that affect your brain) without researching them and talking with their doctor first. Good luck with your headaches!

caligirl2001 11 Jun 2010

Your doctor needs to determine whether your migraines are serious enough to warrant treatment with topamax. It isn't something they will offer as first line treatment. I believe that the average amount for migraine treatment is 100mg. Everyone reacts differently to medication, so it is an individual determination between doctor and patient that ultimately determines the correct dosage. free discount card

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