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What is a muscle relaxer that can be taken with methadone?

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charlyecc 20 Apr 2010

i would not recommend anything with methadone. because of the fact that methadone does suppress your breathing a bit, the a muscle relaxer on top. well our heart is the biggest muscle we have so added together is just a wreck waiting to happen. you would need to talk with your doctor or pharmacist and ask them what you should have for your particular problem. lol

christineATU 20 Apr 2010

I agree with charlyecc. Although I'm not that familiar with methodone, from what I've heard, if you are on the right dosage, you shouldn't need anything else. If it's to help you relax, maybe ask your doctor about prescribing a small mg of some type of benzo. I will probably get reemed for suggesting that but ask your doc for the best med you can safely take with methodone. Good luck to you.

Sharyar 24 Apr 2010

If you get to a stage when you are starting to cut down u will be prescribe some back up medicine, but if you don't feel comfortable maybe you need to talk to your Doctor to up your methadone dose just a little bit. free discount card

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