I live with severe burning pain from a bad accident and then two spine surgery's which I believe did nothing but make things worse. Anyway my problem now besides the severe pain and thoughts of suicide all day cause of the horrible side effects from the ms contin I take for pain is the pain. See I can't even type straight from the pain. I cannot sit down at all. literally I cannot sit in a chair and lean back the burning is that bad. I need an alternative other then ms contin and oxycontin for the pain. I know they have a patch but not sure if I wanna wear a pain patch. Good thing I have a great Dr. who understands my pain levels and is willing to help in anyway. Unlike a friend of mine who's Dr barely gives him enough meds. What kind of Dr gives you 28 days worth of meds and see's you every 28 days? What no extra doc,your not aloud to have a bad day and need an extra pill or God forbid you miss an appointment you will never have any extra med's? Ok back to my dilemma. What can I swap my ms contin for? Is oxymorphine the samething? Will I have the same side effects from something like opana? Oh I have severe heartburn also. I cannot take omeprazole or Nexium either cause they make my heart race and palpitate. Anyone in this forum ever been on opana or fentanyl patch's? I took the patch before but could not sleep while I was on it. Does dialaudid cause heartburn? I absolutely cannot take oxycontin at all,not before in it's original formula or now in it's new formula. I don't care what any pain patient says about oxycontin that stuff is pure poisin. I was getting the worst headaches and bloody noses while I was on oxycontin and I also wanted to kill everyone I saw when I was on that poison. I can't take this anymore and honestly if I didn't have a wife that cares about me I would have put a bullet in my head years ago. Serious I cannot live with this pain anymore and the side effects from this ms contin are the worst. Can anyone please give me some insight? Thank You from your friend Anthony L.