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What is a euphoric drug ? Not the brand but the meaning of the word euphoric ?

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Marvell 30 Aug 2010

It's a drug which can cause euphoria, which is described as:

1. A feeling of well-being, commonly exaggerated and not necessarily well founded. Something that gives a "high" feeling.

2. The pleasure state induced by a drug or substance of abuse.

rawboots 6 Sep 2010

Thanks for the feedback. Ive bn on the klonopin for 3 weeks now. I kn honestly say that it doesnt make me feel of the euphoric way. Im tired all the time. I still dont understand how it can be abusive. I feel as if im sleeoing my life away. Oh, and the motivation to do anything at all is out the door. Why is this ?

jk13 30 Aug 2010

Yup, Marvell is totally correct. A drug that is considered to be euphoric is also a drug that is considered to have a high addictive potential, and will therefore be scheduled as a controlled substance. Everything, except for Tramadol... which is just a weird drug altogether... and will probably be scheduled soon.

rawboots 6 Sep 2010

Hi there jk13
What is the tramadol and what do you mean it probably will be scheduled soon ?

jk13 7 Sep 2010

Tramadol (Ultram) is a drug that hits on the Opioid sensors. It's also an SNRI, making it like a two in one drug. It has the potency equal to that of codeine. When the drug was first introduced, it was marketed as non-addictive and non-abusive. Strangely enough, if you take a high enough dosage for a long enough time, it's extremely hard to get off of as it's like getting off 2 drugs at the same time. Not only that, but it is a drug of abuse with case after case of people taking extremely dangerously high dosages of the drug to achieve the euphoria - or good feelings associated with it. It currently is not watched or kept track of by the US government, but will probably be watched soon, as some states are already doing so. When they keep track of a drug, it is then considered to be scheduled.

Inactive 31 Aug 2010

Euphoria is medically recognized as a mental/emotional state defined as a profound sense of well-being. Technically, euphoria is an affect, but the term is often colloquially used to define emotion as an intense state of transcendent happiness combined with an overwhelming sense of contentment.
Euphoria is generally considered to be an exaggerated physical and psychological state, sometimes induced by the use of psychoactive drugs and not typically achieved during the normal course of human experience. However, some natural behaviors, such as activities resulting in orgasm or the triumph of an athlete, can induce brief states of euphoria. Euphoria has also been cited during certain religious or spiritual rituals and meditation.

Take care.-

rawboots 6 Sep 2010

thanks for the feedback. My understanding of the whole euphoria thing is a lil hazy. In the past I have tried aderrall. Since i wasnt diagnosed with ADHD, I obviously didnt need it. However it gave me that ( profound sense of well being ), it made me happy. Is this the same feeling that the euphoria would produce ?
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