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What is a common pill used to treat drug withdraw?

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Rajive Goel 22 Apr 2011

It would perhaps depend upon the drug that the pill would be consumed for withdrawal, such as:

alcohol withdrawal syndrome (which can lead to delirium tremens); opioids, including methadone withdrawal; cannabis withdrawal; benzodiazepine withdrawal syndrome; cocaine withdrawal; caffeine withdrawal; nicotine withdrawal.

However, please do consult a doc/pharmacist for more accurate advice.

Inactive 22 Apr 2011

And are you talking about a prescription medication as the common pill. If you are talking about opiate withdrawal, and you mean prescription, then it is probably suboxone or the sister medication subutex. If you can hit comment and leave us more info, we will be glad to answer more specifically. Rajive is very very knowledgeable about these things and so is Maso, but there was not enough info to really be clear about what you are asking. free discount card

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