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What ingredients contain opana er? and is it stronger than a codeine tablet?

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jk13 5 Jul 2010

From my understanding, 10 mg of Opana er is equal to 200 mg of Codeine, and has the same strength as Methadone (Methadone, short term use, however, Methadone chronic use is = to 2mg vs. 10 mg of Opana). Opana is a partially synthetic drug made from the poppy, so it is considered a Opiate. Exactly which chemicals - I'm not sure. So basically, it's in a different ballpark vs. Codeine, much much much much stronger. Hope that this helps!

jjames199726 20 Apr 2011

Opana is oxymorphone and is twice as strong as oxycodone. I take this for pain with oxycodone for breakthrough. It is a really good pain med.

jeepman42003 22 Apr 2011

This is very good pain medicine..I have been on everything you can think of until this Opana ER 30 mg. came along... Been taking it for 2 yrs now, only on a need to bases..I have to take at least one a day to get by..I'm supposed to take it every 12 hrs... I will say this, If you miss one day and not take it... You will get a jittery feeling inside of you..Even after to take it, it can take up to 3 hrs to kick in..BUT don't mis-understand me..This does work for me and very Glad I'm on it..At least I have some kind of life with it and wouldn't with out it...

Inactive 5 Jul 2010

YES-I'D PUT CODEINE AT BOTTOM OF NARCS AND OPANA ER AT TOP. Following are the ingredients for Opana ER. You didn't mention mgs - written on each tab - see For CONSISTENT MODERATE TO SEVERE PAIN, primary ingredient is OXYMORPHONE. 2X stronger than OXYCONTIN. 2X stronger than METHADONE IN Q12H dosages. Strongest ER strength is 40ER ER - 12 hr. Extended Release. The tablet strength describes the amount of oxymorphone hydrochloride per tablet. Inactive ingredients: hypromellose, methylparaben, silicified microcrystalline cellulose, sodium stearyl fumarate, TIMERx® -N, titanium dioxide, and triacetin. The 5 mg, 10 mg, 15 mg, 20 mg, and 30 mg tablets also contain macrogol, and polysorbate 80. Additionally, the 5 mg, 7.5 mg, and 30 mg tablets contain iron oxide red. The 7.5 mg tablets contain iron oxide black, and iron oxide yellow. The 10 mg tablets contain FD&C yellow No. 6. The 20 mg tablets contain FD&C blue No. 1, FD&C yellow No.

olehippichik 23 Feb 2012

I have been on the 20 mg. dose for over 2 years, and feel that I need more because my body has become imune to it? If this is possible. Also, i heard that opana has a drug that has been given to "hyper active" or ADD patients. I wondered if that is habit forming as well. I have been considering trying to get off this medicine because I am scared that I have become "addicted" to it. How hard is this going to get if I go cold turkey?

Crystal85 2 Mar 2012

I've been on Opana for over four years and it is a wonderful pain medicine. You haven't become immune to it, you've developed a tolerance. It is completely normal and will happen to anyone who has to take pain medicine long term. If it isn't managing your pain properly anymore you should ask your doctor to increase your dose. Also, unless you're taking more than the doctor prescribes, using it to get high, running out early and having to buy it off the street, etc, you aren't addicted. You are dependent. There is a huge difference between addiction and dependence. Dependence is when you take your medicine as it is prescribed, not to get stoned, and your body becomes used to having the medication. Even though you aren't abusing it, if you stop taking it you will suffer extreme withdrawals because you've had it in your system constantly for an extended period of time.

3118 11 Jun 2012

i agree there is diff between addicted and dependent. if u are wanting to stop taking ur meds talk to ur dr do not try iit stone cold i have been on methatadone for 10yr and one day without could throw ur body into complete shock and or seizers. free discount card

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