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what if your blood pressure is 130/90 should I take diovan?

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Robert_325 1 Aug 2009

There are other factors to be considered. You should ask your dr. 130/90 is marginally high. The answer would probably depend on your heart's condition. Have you had any heart problems at all? I can't answer correctly without more information.

jhanna31 14 Jan 2011

No major heart problems. Had a drop in heartbeat when I was pregnant with my son 22 years ago!

itsmetoo2 2 Aug 2009

Robert is right on. My question how long have you been on Diovan? When you come down quickly after being on Blood Pressure meds. you can have withdrawls. I for one got the hot and cold shakes it was horrible. Another thing is how accurate was the machine you were using. Some machines are so far off that using it as gospel is out of the question.Now if you had it done at the doctor's office then the person that is taking your pressure best be right on. You may also have white coat disease. That is when you go to see the doc. your blood pressure goes up, this can give an incorrect reading. So be careful. Have the doctor check your pressure standing up and sitting down.
Wishing you the Best.

Hazel Jasper 3 Apr 2010

I wouldn't worry about that low figure, not until it gets up into the high 140's at least, unless you have had serious heart trouble in the past. I had a quadruple bypass in 1993 and in my youth I had low blood pressure. I'm suspicious of over-medicating any more. WHAT HAS ME MORE CONCERNED IS MY PULSE WHICH GOES UP TO 108 AT TIMES. Haven't ever had a heart attack. I'm 88. I look up all med. on the computer for side effects before ingesting it. I took Statins for several years before I knew that they could cause joint pain and now I have bad shoulders. Physical therapy has helped greatly. Hazel Jasper

Sandiego 24 Sep 2011

I have been fighting with my doctor at Scripps San Diego for almost a year now over taking blood pressure medications. My blood pressure when they take it at Scripps is around 130/90. When I went in for eye lid surgery a few months ago at a different medical group my blood pressure during surgery was reported as114/76. When I check it at drug stores and other places it is never over 120/80. I believe that the nurses at Scripps do not know how to take blood pressure or they are trying to get everone over 50 to take blood pressure medications. What do you think?

mkb623 7 Dec 2011

Actually that is considered in the high range of normal. So no, likely it would not be indicated. It does depend on other issues though. For the poster that said someone did not know how to take BP it does matter where they take it and if they have the right cuff. If it is too large or too small it will be inaccurate. It will also vary at times depending on the location they choose.

RosieMB 8 Dec 2011

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