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What if you were taking 20mg. prozac w/ wellbutrin 150mg. daily?

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Inactive 26 Aug 2010

Can you be more specific please?

Are you looking for a drug interaction?


Bsteinbrueck 27 Aug 2010

Yes. Please tell us what you're wanting to know! :)

682010 27 Aug 2010

yes would they be a interaction? i'm taking both at this time for a week now.
but i seem to be doing o.k. just wondering if this may be to much ?

Inactive 27 Aug 2010

Monitor Major

Interactions between your selected drugs

arcanoidcyst16 27 Aug 2010

Maso you always are the best at helping people with their questions!!! :)

Bsteinbrueck 27 Aug 2010

I've done a similar combination for a while now with Wellbutrin and Effexor... If your doc prescribed it then it's gonna be okay. Just make sure you tell your doc if anything seems wrong at any point. Remember to be as specific and honest as possible.
Hope you continue to be okay!
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