im taking the prednisone and cyclosporine so that it will tamper with the ammune system so the auto ammune system will stop, i know the risk of getting an infection or illness is now a issue, i read a responce from a member about taking a supplement to help the ammune system while taking prednisone, but what happens if like in my case the point was to shut it down? is there still some thing to help with getting sick? im wearing a face mask when i go into public to limit my exposure to stuff but i just dont even feel comfortable going out any more scared to catch something and tired of people looking at me like i have the cooties :) because of the face mask, thank god for my mom she does most of the shopping, but its not fair to her either shes an amputee and she struggles to walk, im blessed that she is a woman of strenght and refuses to cave into her limitations, however its just not working emotionally for me i hate her doing this stuff by herself, i need to find a solution. any ideas anyone?