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What if just started taking wellibutrin and still smoking, how long before I stop?

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silmarien 17 Nov 2009

I suggest you gradually taper down. I am also taking Wellbutrin. However I am also on the patch, and smoke probably 7 cigarettes a day, down from 10 a few weeks ago. I don't take the nicotine withdrawals that well, so you might be able to just use the patch. But I don't know that there's a set amount of time before you stop smoking, and quitting cold turkey might now work for you. Did your doctor give you instructions? If not, I'd give his/her office a call.

Mumble65 16 Aug 2011

I had tried Wellbutrin in the past an it didn't work for me. All it did for me was make me gain weight. They have done studies on it, but not with people who have a mental issue like depression or Bipolar. free discount card

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