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What if Iam on 12mg suboxone for past six days can I stop and start oxys again now?

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mitjason 29 Dec 2009

You can but it won't do anything. Suboxone binds to various opioid receptors, producing agonist and antagonist effects (Opioid agonist-antagonist). Basically an Antagonist blocks all opioids including Oxycodone. As long are you're on suboxone you will not feel the usual effects of Oxycodone when it comes to pain control or the feeling of being high when taking the medication so it's a waste of money.(Believe me.. One of my other doctors prescribed my 10mg Percocet and I took 4 a day as directed. It did absolutely nothing for pain.) If you are in pain talk to your doctor about upping the amount of suboxone your on. Clinical studies show that 24mg is the most effective does before there's a "ceiling effect" in which no higher dose will effect you. If you want to get high off the oxycodone talk to you doctor and he will increase it to help with the cravings you are having. I hope this helps. Feel free to contact me privately and I would be happy to help you because I've been where you are. Hope this Helps. Happy Holidays! Add me as a friend if you want so you can send me a private message. free discount card

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