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What if any, affects does the drug vicodin have on a pregnant female?

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Anonymous 16 Jul 2011

Hi Scott,
Off hand I do not know the category for Vicodin. I can research this and get back to you, but one thing is possible that I know for sure... depending on how much the mother takes, tis possible to give birth to a baby addicted to opiates.
Best wishes,
sweet lemon P.S. if the mother is an addict, there is Subutex, and that is not as harmful to a fetus as Suboxone, which is a medication given to people that want off of opiate pain meds, and do not want to suffer cold turkey withdrawal.
It also quells cravings for opiates.

Anonymous 16 Jul 2011

Like sweetlemon said taking Vicodin while pregnant can cause the baby to be come addicted. Then the child would have to go through painfull withdrawls at birh. Also the acitmetophen can damage the liver. That being said there are circumstances that a mother does have to take Vicodin while pregnant and under a doctors care. With my third pregnancy I had kidney stones almost every day. Eachstone took 3-4 days to pass and then it seemed as soon as that happened I would have another one. At a certain point I had between 20-30 stones in each kidney. Which would have been fine because they don't hurt untill they start to pass. (sorry for digressing) I had to take the Vicodin because my body became so stressed out and warn down that it was dangerous to my unborn daughter. I was carefully moniterd by my doctor and took the least amount of meds I could.

Please have the mother talk to her doctor so she can weigh her options and do what's best for both her and baby.
Best wishes

Anonymous 16 Jul 2011

I just wanted to add that my daughter was perfectly healthy and did not have addiction, thus no withdrawl either.

ElizaJane23 17 Jul 2011

My daughter was given Vicodin for use a couple times a day for the last two months of her pregnancy. Baby Ella was born big and healthy! free discount card

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