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What has a higher sucess rate rehab program or completion of a suboxone course?

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Inactive 16 Jun 2010

pdidhe, I am no expert, but I think the answer is BOTH! How are you doing? If you don't mind me asking, what is your addiction; ie oxy, vicodin, heroin? I am just trying to help, not judging!! I was prescribed Oxy for ten years, which is just heroin in pill form, I later found out. Bet you know that already. No one on this site seems judgemental, so feel free to unload on us. Best wishes to you!

subzero58 16 Jun 2010

wow,i have been waiting for someone to ask this question for a year now. if anyone has been to rehab they have heard the statistics "look around you 1 out 10 of you are gonna make it." if you have been to rehab you heard it. then out of the 9 left half of you will relaps within 6 months. the outher half will relaps within 2 years.out of them 2 will probably overdose and die.ok, now back to the first half of the 6 month relapses.if half of them make it back to rehab thats 3 1/2 addicts counting the one who made it. if half of them go on suboxone and even if they stay on it for life were back to 15% success rate.Is there any insurance company that would pay thousands for a operation with an 85% failure rate?the health industry must start to honestly try to help addicts and realize only 2 kinds of treatment will work,methadone and suboxone.untill our government understands that addiction is a disease,not a lifestyle...

Inactive 16 Jun 2010

Yes, I agree, the recidivism (sp) rate is so very hiigh! I still remain optimistic and believe more than 1 out of 10 will remain clean, however.

SLKJKD 17 Jun 2010

The statistics really are depressing. Getting clean seems so impossible, then the staying clean is where the real work comes in and many fall to the wayside. I've been clean for 7 years: went to many rehabs, got on methadone maintenance, saw a counselor once a week, attended 5 groups a week, 5 meetings a week, for about 2 years. Then slowly decreased all of that. After about 7 years on methadone I recently switched to suboxone to make getting all the way off meds easier. I look forward to being totally independent of chemicals soon, but I know it's gonna be a hell of a lot of work. My son's father has been to rehab, methadone, bup, subs, inpatient, outpatient, half way houses, sober houses, psych wards, meetings, counseling, doctors, you name it; and he still can't get his head above water. I don't know what the difference is, I guess that's the million dollar question.

subzero58 17 Jun 2010

hi slkjkd, can i just call u slk? im gonna anyway... most of the road you been down you musta seen me driving on at one time or at the same mile marker as you are now.i have been on suboxone almost 1 year. my doc has me on 24mg a day. 3x8mg morn, noon ,night. oh yea,im on elivel too at bedtime. i use it for sleep,im not crazy or depressed. at least i dont think so. can i add you as a friend? i will if u will.

christineATU 17 Jun 2010

Just a minor correction. The HHS and Federal Government has acknowledged addiction as a disease. Just like alcoholism. They're just so damn slow at getting clinics, doctors, health professionals, and themselves, up to speed! Let alone the lack of compassion and money!!

subzero58 17 Jun 2010

chrisi,we both know a disease can be treated with medications. if any of us had seizures or hi blood pressure or even diabetes we would make a doctors appointment go to his office get a prescription and then a quick visit to our local pharmacy. right ? try dealing with a doctor who will charge 5 times his regular rate for the first visit. then 3 times his regular charge per month per visit. they may say its categorized a disease,but anyone who goes through treatment can tell you,addicts are not treated like it is.

christineATU 17 Jun 2010

I agree with you subzero58. But you really can't compare high BP to addiction. You know as well as anyone the stigma attached to certain medications. You're probably right and that's the reason doctors charge so much. free discount card

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