As most of you here on the sub group know I am on 24mg of sub a day. I jumped from 18 to 24. I knew I needed a higher dose. My doctor has, in the past, jumped me 4mg at a time. I did the 6mg jump up for financial reasons.
I have no immediate plans to come down off this dose. However, when I do I am concerned I'll be facing the problem I try to avoid which is cost. If I go down 2mg. or even 4mg, the cost will be higher than what I am paying now. I pay $20 a day for 24mg.
How insane would it be for me to drop 6mg. at one time?
Has anyone or does anyone know someone who has done something similar?

I certainly don't want to feel sick and I am wondering if a drop down 6mg will have a negative affect on me. Give me a minute here, because as I am writing this I am thinking of more stuff to say.
SO, let's say I do TRY to go down 6mg., and it doesn't work. That would mean what? Going back up to the 24mg I am on now? Would I try to play around and see what dosage would work for me?
I'm not facing this decision anytime soon, as I won't be seeing my doctor for another 10 days.
I am just wondering...