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What happened when we take Humira and Anti-depresants together?

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MannyKb 11 Nov 2010

Basically nothing will happen. I currently take Humira, 4 times a month, together with methotrexate and I also take Lexapro. I have been doing this for 2 years now. I also took Cymbalta for awhile but found Lexapro to work better for me. There was no indication of any problem.
If you are new doing this, then carefully keep track of your reactions for a month and report this to your doctor. Of course, if something strange should happen, then contact your doctor immediately. I have had a problem with weight gain recently and we are checking to see if it is due to any of my medications.

aaad1 11 Nov 2010

Thank You SHORTA.

geekygranny 12 Nov 2010

I concur with Shorta. I have been on both Humira and Cymbalta (which is awesome for pain) together for two years and no problems. I also take methotrexate and sulfasalazine with Humira. Together they have helped my pain considerable. free discount card

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