For some reason Adderall seems to be the only medication that has been affected like this. I've been taking generic Adderall for over three years and have done very well with it. I have ADHD. I was prescribed 120 mg per day until I moved to Missouri. Since I didn't have the medical insurance or the money for a doctor very often, when I was able to see a doctor they were uncomfortable prescribing such a high level of Adderall. So, for the last year and a half I've had to manage on half my dosage plus whatever my wife would give me, she has the same script. The last time I bought the Adderall generic, the round orange pill 30mg. at Walgreens it was 47.00+, then on August 5th I was given a list of web sites that might be able to help with prescription drugs with people who didn't have their own insurance. I checked out the first web site and I was amazed! Adderall was only 27.75, I'd been getting raped for a year! But today I tried to get my script filled with my missouridrugcard and was told that they didn't honor that card anymore for that particular drug. The Adderall was now 67.00+. I said that I was sorry but I just can't afford that. When I got back home I got back on-line and checked the site again on the price checker and sure enough everyone in the St. Louis area had gone up to the same 67.00+. What the hell happened? I know that the college kids like them for their studies, but I don't sell mine. I use them because I need them. During the few times over the last over three years I've been deprived of my medications for a week or two, but I don't react like other people do; I didn't go through withdrawals, I just couldn't concentrate and got sidetracked easily. Without the adderall I'll be a bit scatter brained, won't be able to finish things that I start. I just won't be the same. What happened to the medication? I thought that it was just because it was a schedule II narcotic, but I checked the other medications that are narcotics and they haven't changed at all.