I am prescribed 300-600 mg Seroquel PRN for sleep. I am also prescribed 100mg PRN up to 3x a day for anxiety. Tuesday night instead of taking 2x 300mg I took 6x100mg. I am very certain that I took 6 and only 6 as I remember counting them twice. I stayed downstairs until I started to feel uncomfortable then I went upstairs to bed. Once in bed I started hallucinating, my chest began to hurt and my heart began to race. I felt like if I were to not keep a conscious effort to breathe that I would stop breathing. I (then) thought that there has got to be a difference between the 100mg pills and 300mg pills and that they have to be like time-released differently or something so I got up, went to to sofa outside my husband's office, tried my best to explain this, and told him to the best of my ability to call poison control and ask them if there was a difference between the two pills that would explain why I was reacting this way. Things went downhill really quickly from there and ended up with my husband driving me to the ER, Poison Control called them in advance to tell them I was coming. Apparently my husband and poison control thought it might have been possible that I either took the wrong medication, or took too many, or both, because they didn't really trust that someone exhibiting the symptoms that I was having could have really just taken the correct dose of the correct medication. At the ER in triage my heart rate was 145 and that was actually better than it was at home. My blood pressure was bad too but I don't remember what it was. Anyway I peed in a cup then they took me right back and a doctor and 3 nurses were all over me even as I was undressing... The doctor was very skeptical of what I was saying, he said Poison Control and my husband both told him it was possible that I could have taken an overdose and I tried to explain that it was not possible. Having a history of two prior intentional overdoses probably didn't help me out in this case, but those OD's were serious though; and without a doubt deliberately intentional and meant to end my life. At any rate they drew my blood and started an IV, and wanted me to drink the activated charcoal (which I have never had to do before). I tasted the stuff, and I probably would have appeased them if it wasn't flavored and sweetened, but as it was - no way! Plus with my medical background, I knew that I didn't have anything in my system that needed to be neutralized... because *I KNEW* that I had taken the correct dose of the correct med, and I wasn't drinking that stuff just because everyone else didn't trust me. At any rate, my blood and urine came back clean, which I knew it would. However my potassium was 2.7 and they gave me some pills, which I took. I was feeling better at this point and I just wanted to go home and sleep, about 3 hours had passed by now, maybe 4 (I think I slept through some of it). I want to know what the hell happened. I have taken 1200 mg Seroquel, taking 12x 100mg pills on 2 or 3 seperate occasions, just to mentally check out (the last time was back in February of this year) and that didn't cause anything like this! in fact somebody called 911 on me back in February even though I told them I was just fine, and I sat out in my backyard and waited for everybody to get there. The EMT's took my vitals, I was fine. It was also quite easy to convince the EMT's that I was not trying to hurt or kill myself, since I wasn't.

At any rate. What the heck happened? I hadn't been drinking. I am not on any new meds. I have done a lot of stupid things with a lot of different drugs. I have felt really shitty from taking an overdose of a drug, but I have stayed OK and ridden it out. But this time I was fairly convinced I was going to die. And I didn't even misuse anything.