Yesterday, I took 60mg of Adderall XR. 30mg at 7:30 am, and 30 mg at 1:30 pm. I haven't taken Adderall in quite a while, but thought i would be okay. There were no negative side effects throughout the whole day besides this extreme loss of appetite... Anyway the second pill wore off around 7-8 pm. Everything was going fine until I tried to go to sleep. before I laid down, I used the bathroom and realized my urine was completely clear. I didn't think anything of it, and thought maybe some food in the morning would be good for me, so I just laid down. not long after, I realized I was gradually developing some heart palpitations. No irregular heartbeat, just hard and fast beats. With the palpitation came this gradual pain directly in the center of my chest, right between my pecs. I noticed that when I put my arms up above my head while I was laying down (so that they weren't applying any pressure to my torso), the pain went away for the most part. This was a good sign; if changes in body position affect the intensity of your chest pain, it's most likely not a serious issue. I could still feel hints of the pain in my chest until around 5 am, at which point I subsequently fell asleep. What I'm wondering is if anyone can try to explain what was happening to me. I'm 18 and only around 135 pounds, so it could have had something to do with the amphetamine being too much for my body, but I'm wondering if maybe all the water I drank yesterday could have flushed the electrolytes from my body and caused my blood pressure to spike? My bpm at its peak last night was 150. It's below 100 again currently but it didn't lower for a long while after I consumed more electrolytes, so I'm not sure if this could have really been the cause. Anyway, I'm rambling... Help?