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What happen if I take pain pills while Im taking the carafate?

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kimmie1 30 Oct 2009

First of all, I have no clue what carafate is. You could ask your doctor, pharmacy, look on the Drugs A to Z link at the top of this page. I wish I could help... Good luck...

amyjane8705 13 Sep 2010

I went to the hospital in extreme pain in my back and after the all the blood tests, x ray, and cat scan I was told it was stomach ulcers. They gave me liquid carafate, prevacid, and hydrocodone so I assume it is okay to take carafate with pain killers. I hope this helps you and Im not to late answering but this just happend this weekend. But my question is how do you get stomach ulcers??? I was told years ago I had peptic ulcers but never really took it seriously and now I have extremely bad ulcers and I do not know how I got them??? I dont drink just dr peppers lol :-) So anyone know how do you get ulcers and why they caused the middle of my back to hurt VERY bad every time I eat/ate???

granny50 1 Mar 2012

It is a medication that coat's your stomach and help's it heal. Watch you caffeine intake and spicy, fatty. greasy food's and stress. I am also on it and prevacid.

Inactive 2 Nov 2009

You don't mention in your post what pain medication you are taking. Carafate interacts with many medications ranging from antacids and antibiotics to drugs controlling spasms and thyroid replacement hormones (just to name a few). If Carafate is taken with a drug that it interacts with the effects of either could be increased, decreased, or altered. To be safe, please contact your doctor or pharmacist for advice. free discount card

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