I've been on the patch in the past and since then I have used other med's such as oxycontin,80mg X8 per day then I've tried Opana ER,40 mg X 18 per day.Opana only comes in 40mg,so 18 per day seems like a lot but is equal to 8,80mg oxy's.anyways,I've been on them all.The patch is more trouble than it's worth cause it does'nt stay on very well. If you perspire,it falls off.If your in the shower too long,it falls off.And it states that it works for 72 hrs,BULL,,, I'm lucky if I get 48 hrs of medicine from it.So my Doctor at the time had me change it every 48 hrs.It worked better BUT,the area where I had the patch was raw,even though I put it in different spots each time.Anywho,I'm back on oxycontin and not thrilled with that either.I've had 5 major Back surgeries and am in constant PAIN.I'm getting off the track here and am sorry.I'm only wanting to know what Family of Drug's is the Duragesic Patch compared to? Also,is it stronger than and better than the Oxy's and Opana's out there.I'm asking because it's time to change my med's,it's what I do every so often so my body does'nt get use to one particular medication and so that way my pain med's work,at least I think they do.Thank you for your time and am hoping some one can help with my decision.Again,Thanks... Ps,I was on the patch some years ago and am wondering if it has improved? Like,does it stay on and work better than it use to or is it basically the same?