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What foods should an ADHD teenage boy avoid?

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Sideffects2 18 Nov 2011

Processed foods, go for the natural - lots of vegetables, fresh fruit and a decent amount of protein. Eliminate the sugary baked goods... and good luck!

JMDParker 28 Nov 2011

When I was that age my mom tried to keep me off extra sugar and caffeine. So, I didn't get candy, cookies, most baked goods, and sometimes sauces and spreads like ketchup, jams, jellies, and such. I used artificial sweetener a lot, and I now prefer it in things like coffee, tea, and koolaid to using sugar.
Some people tell you to avoid red food dyes as they can increase hyperactivity in children, and I had that problem a little when I was a teen. I've recently gone completely caffeine and carbonated drink free. I haven't touched sodas in two months and I drink decaf coffee. I hope this helps you out. free discount card

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