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What effects will I get if drinking soft drinks(coke) with hydrocodone?

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Inactive 4 Oct 2011

Hi lanmatt511,
Sorry that no one has answered your Q yet.
You should have no problems with hydrocodone and soft drinks, alcoholic beverages are a no no though.
Hope you get this message!!
Best wishes to you.

Inactive 4 Oct 2011

I hate it when we miss the questions, andi don't know how they get over looked. i'm looking all the time, so don't know what happens. Von

Inactive 4 Oct 2011

I know V, I hate it too, because I think some new people just give up and go elsewhere.
Love ya Vonniepie!!

Inactive 4 Oct 2011

I think you are right! It just seens to me like the site is not like it was when I first came here. It just doesn't seem like a family anymore, could just be me but I don't think so. Seems like at first everyone is there for ya and then poof they just are gone. Anyway, time to go into my routine. Nite Lara, hope you sleep good. Von

Inactive 4 Oct 2011

Hi again V,
I just think that there are soooo many new ppl that we don't get the chance to answer their questions, like this one, we missed it.
And we did get rid of the fly in the soup, didn't we?
I think tis the same, I need a break every once in a while though, and tend to miss Q's when I take breaks!!
Love ya V!!

alaniz630 10 Oct 2017

I get migraines up to 4 times a month. I’ve found that 1 Vicodin, 1 aspirin and a can of coke or Pepsi does wonders for my migraine headache. Something about the combination. free discount card

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