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What drugs treat depression and migraines?

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nightfairy242 4 Mar 2010

The only one I can think of (and that I am experienced with) is Cymbalta. It's used to treat depression as well as the painful effects of depression. It's also used to treat fibromyalgia. I'm not sure if it would work for migraines, but it'd be worth asking your doctor about.

till33 4 Mar 2010

yea i know what worked exellent on me and it is called elavil,it is an older antidepressant bu very effective on both.not only that it helps you ask your doc about it

nkelto 4 Mar 2010

I have read that Depakote is used to treat migraines. I have ocular migraines ( and at one time was taking two pills a day which pretty much eliminated them. The liver must be checked periodically when on Depakote (either the liver or kidneys but I'm fairly certain it's the liver).

missy2 4 Mar 2010

i take pristiq for depression 50 mg a day and then i take inderal not the LA kind but 80 mg am and 80 mg at bedtime, i also take topamax 300mg = 100mg in am and 200 mg at bedtime and i can truely say that it has been the best medication for ME i've been on the latter two meds for many years(15) appox. with very few migraines (depending on my stress level at home or work) i only started the pristiq in jan. of 09 with no side affects, when i started the inderal and topamax my doctor gave me a trigger migraine list, it told of foods and different things that could trigger a migaine maybe you have one or could ask you doctor for it ,maybe if they don't have one you could find it on the net. hope this has help you will be thinkig of you today.missy

nikicole1986 4 May 2010

migraines i seen neorologist and he told me stop drinking caffine and sugars , along with salty foods , peanut butter ... and put me on anti blood pressure pill helps alot he said anything for migraine in stores is waste your money so dont waste your time iam on propinal think thats how you spell it was on 20mg but i asked for lower dose made me dizzy ..

fenix7 5 Mar 2010

Another Rx that is a darkhorse candidate you may want to look into is Topirimate (Brand is Topamax.)

Stryker786 6 May 2010

One much less commonly used drug for both of these indications is Lamictal. It is originally an anti-seizure medicine similar to TopaMax, but in and of itself it is useful to combat unipolar depression.

To use, it is tapered up slowly to a maintenance dose, where you take it daily as a migraine and headache prophylactic -- and from my experience, its efficacy was what could be called no less than a wonder.

From daily, crippling pain to almost a full year with minimal migraine pain. If a lot of other options have failed you, speak with your prescribing physician about the possibility and benefits of using Lamictal.

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