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What drugs should I use for safe abortion?

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sweetsonggirl 23 Oct 2009

I would definitely suggest you seek the aid of a health care professional with this question instead going about it on your own. I am not saying this to reprimand you or anything like that, I just know that from some of the experiences with women in my life that have had abortions/miscarriages, it can be a little scary on your own and complications can arise, including anything from hormone imbalance to blood loss.
I would definitely need to know a few more details to answer this question more accurately. For example, how far along is the pregnancy? Are you taking any other medications? ect...

I'm not sure if you are asking this question because you are trying to avoid the doctor's office, or perhaps you want to keep the process a secret from those around you, or maybe you don't have insurance or the money for a surgical abortion. Whatever the case may be, know that there are many options out there for you... so you don't have to feel worried or boxed in. I have found two places in my area (Seattle) that have been very good and discrete about female reproductive issues. The first one is Planned Parenthood. The first time that I needed emergency contraception I was still in high school and under 18. I didn't know if the drug store would sell Plan B to a minor, and I certainly wasn't going to my parents for help out of sheer embarrassment. I didn't even want to ask my normal doctor because she is also my mom's doctor, and I was afraid she might discuss it with her. My mom has been donating a small amount of money annually for as long as I can remember, so in a round about way I am very thankful to her, because donations to Planned Parenthood help pay for young men and women like me, who at the time, had no way of paying for their services. Anyways, when I visited them the appointment was very quick, efficient, and discreet. They have a lot of questions they ask you so they can tailor a privacy plan that fits you perfectly. I was able to get what I needed to have done without anybody contacting my normal doctor and they were able to assure me that no one would ever call or mail anything to my mom's house, and if they called my cell they wouldn't leave a message. (What can I say? I was pretty paranoid back then.) Anyways, my point is they have a lot of options for women that need to take care of reproductive issues, and they are very discreet about. The other place I have had good success with is Washington State Health Services. They (and hopefully your state's equivalent) have a number of good options for women seeking abortive advice and medications.

So... having said all that, I will get back to your original question. Yes, there are medications you can take to cause an abortion. An abortion caused by a pill(s) is called a medical abortion, as opposed to a surgical abortion, which involves aborting the pregnancy with a minor surgical procedure. Most medical abortions must be preformed within the first 7-9 weeks of pregnancy. The two most commonly use drugs for medical abortion are Mifepristone and Misoprostol. Generally, one pill is taken at your health care provider's office, and the other is taken at home. The abortive process then takes about 2 weeks, during which you will experience contractions and bleeding that is similar to a heavy menstrual flow. After 2 weeks, you will need to go back to your health care provider to make absolutely sure that the medications did work. Medical abortions have about 97% success rate in terminating a pregnancy. There are of course herbal folk remedies for unwanted pregnancies that have been being used for centuries. But the medical option is much safer and much more dependable. You certainly don't want to take or do anything that would damage you internally.

That is about the extent of my knowledge on the subject. If you would like some more information about your options, these pages may be helpful:

Best wishes and good luck!

Marvell 24 Oct 2009

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